Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heavens to Etsy!

My Mission for the Fiesta Movement in July tied into Rick's and my wedding! The theme for the month was Design, so we took the opportunity to have various items for the wedding designed through Etsy!

If you don't know Etsy, it's "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade". And it's GREAT! My favorite part of Etsy is the section called Alchemy, where you get get things custom made! You describe what you want and people bid on the opportunity to make it for you.

I used Alchemy to have my wedding dress designed. Here are all the fun things we got through Etsy...

Christy Keerins

Christy was amazing. Several people bid on the chance to make my dress, but Christy was quick to respond with sketches and fabric ideas, each time getting closer to what I envisioned. I knew I wanted a halter, a-line, tea-length dress. And I knew that I wanted the design to be somewhat based on my Fiesta! She came up with this dress, which I love! It's fun and non-traditional - just how I wanted it! Because Rick and I are fond of bunnies, I asked Christy if she could put a bunny somewhere on the dress. She had the excellent idea of putting a small one on the tie around the neck. Very subtle - almost secret! Rick designed the bunny that was used on the dress!
Weddingding Dress


Wedding day Hilary

Bouquet & Boutineer:

Princess Lasertron

When I started looking at various wedding items on Etsy, the first thing I became sure of was that I really, really wanted a Princess Lasertron bouquet! I think they're whimsical and beautiful. I love the fact that it's something I can keep for years to come. Megan, the woman behind the magic, did an amazing job with my bouquet - I have her the sketch and fabric colors of my dress and she created the bouquet to complement it perfectly! As with the dress, one of Rick's bunny drawings was used in the design of the bouquet! So cute!
Bouquet by Princess Lasertron

Boutineer by Princess Lasertron

Dress & Bouquet

Yes/Love/More Magnets
TreeBed Design

Three words that have had meaning for me and Rick since the very beginning are "Yes", "Love", and "More". I had seen some magnets from TreeBed Design and asked if some could be custom-made using these words. He came through - the magnets are beautiful!


Designed by Rick Baker & Hilary McHone
Printed by tiny bird arts

Our wedding announcements are a collaboration! They started with a photo I took of a tree. Rick then printed the image and drew on and around it... Below is the result! We loved the idea of sending a little piece of our art to our family and friends to announce our marriage. We used BleuRoo at Etsy to have them printed.
Wedding Announcement


I gave Gr8n1derful an idea of the color scheme we were using for the wedding and the neckline of my dress. She came up with this necklace and pair of earrings! It worked well with the dress and even my shoes, which were silver... I will get more use out of these items!

Fabric Envelopes:

Rick and I fell in love with these little fabric gift envelopes as soon as we saw them on tiny bird arts' Etsy store! They can be custom-made - you can determine the fabrics and sizes! We got several. The large one is to keep our marriage certificate in. Rick had her embroider the word "yes" in the front corner!
Fabric Envelopes

My Mother Mary

Handkerchiefs are so sweet and romantic! We thought it would be nice to have one as a keepsake.

Shoe Bag:
A cut ABOVE by Susan

Finally - a shoe bag! I had never heard of a shoe bag. But I DID use this on the wedding road trip. It fit my shoes, my dress (which is quite tiny when folded), and my headband. It's pretty and I used it instead of my regular bag when going around Rock City Gardens on our wedding day.

Shoe Bag

Etsy made our wedding even more beautiful and memorable. We hope that you check it out, if you haven't before!

If you have your own shop on Etsy, feel free to leave the link in comments and we will go check out your stuff!


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