Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rick & Hilary get their Facebook portraits painted by Matt Held!

Rick and I got some fun email today....

If you're on Facebook, you may have come across Matt Held's project - "I'll have my Facebook portrait painted by Matt Held"!

Several people I know have put their pictures into his pool for consideration. Rick and I put ours in too! Today, Matt shared his paintings of us! So cool!! :D Also, they will be shown in NY at Denise Bibro Platform Space in September!

Original photo of Hilary:
Merry Christmas!

Matt Held's painting of Hilary:
Hilary by Matt Held

Original photo of Rick:
Merry Christmas!

Matt Held's painting of Rick:
Rick by Matt Held

Check out Matt Held and learn more about his project!
Facebook Group:

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