Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's the day!

It's 6:50am and we're getting ready for our big day!

One more "funny story" for the (from the?) road... We were driving along in New Mexico (in the rental car after our flat tire and unexpected overnight stay in Flagstaff) and I glance to the back of the car. "Rick, where's your suit?" I asked. Oops. Flagstaff. Neither of us had remembered that it was hanging up in the motel room and we left it there accidentally.

I started laughing - probably biggest laugh of the trip. It's not funny exactly, but it was just one of those "of course" moments. We called the motel, faxed credit card info, tried to set up FedEx to Chattanooga. The suit is being sent, but has not (will not) arrive in time for the ceremony. We considered changing the time of our vows so that we could both be in our planned wedding attire, but in the end decided to keep our schedule just how it was originally and do it with what we've got.

The incident with the suit made us remember that it really isn't about any of that anyway. The clothes, the car, the time, the location. We're getting married. It's what that means to us that counts.

The drive was a long one. Because of the unexpected delays in Los Angeles and Flagstaff, we were running short on time. We decided to do the Flagstaff to Chattanooga drive straight through. It took us about 26 hours, including very brief stops for gas and caffeine) to do it. We took turns driving and taking naps - far too few naps - but would have stopped if we felt we were simply to exhausted to move on.

We arrived in Chattanooga around 2pm on Monday and drove straight to the Hamilton County Courthouse where a very nice gentleman helped us with our marriage license. We then went to the Mayor's Mansion Inn, a beautiful bed & breakfast, where we were staying for the night. Gorgeous room - perfect for photographs!

Our energy was low. We needed food and sleep. We took the advice of the man at the courthouse and headed to Big River Grille & Brewing Works for dinner. We're not sure if our hunger and exhaustion played a part, but that food was delicious.

I had in my head I would do some photos, some blogging, some video. It was 7pm and we were just tired. So to sleep we went! We probably could have slept even more, but it's our wedding day! We're up and showered and getting ourselves together. With more time we would have had a suit and I might have had a mani/pedi. But we're here. Is there anything else that matters?

Happy day to all!

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  1. I've been married for 8 years and I remember our wedding day had all sorts of things go wrong (the cake was the wrong one, we left my wedding shoes at my parents 40 miles away so I wore slippers my mom bought at kohl's, etc) but I just rolled with it and didn't get mad and the day turned out great. I'm sure the same will happen for you two :)