Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy anniversary to us!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of Rick and Hilary's first date!

That night he picked me up at my friend's house (I was only visiting LA and staying with my friend Sean), where we were face to face for the first time.

Maybe I'll back up a little.

We met on Flickr first and had begun corresponding daily - emails, phone calls... One day he mentioned that he would be coming to NY in the fall for business. He asked if he could take me out on a date. Well, yes, but...did I really have to wait until fall?! That seemed a little silly. So when my friend Sean emailed me and said "Hey! You should come visit me in LA!" I had more than one reason to say yes. Maybe I made Rick a little nervous when I announced I was coming to LA. But I think he got used to the idea pretty quickly... :)

Back to the date.

We were happy and excited and a little nervous too. I remember seeing him for the first time and giving each other a big hug in the driveway. We went to Guelaguetza Restaurant for a Oaxacan dinner - mmmm - mole! Actually, the plate of chicken was a bit huge and I couldn't concentrate on eating. There wasn't much to do while waiting for our car to be returned from the valet, so our first kiss also came in a parking lot. We then went up to the Griffith Park Observatory for a view of the city.

We talked and stared at each other a lot. We knew.

The rest is history?

Oh, so I guess this is also an official thank you to Sean, for speeding up the process. ;) Here we all are together!

Rick, Hilary, Sean

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