Thursday, July 9, 2009

What the heck is going on?

It may be news to you, but not so much for us: Rick & Hilary are getting married!

It all started a year and a half ago or so, when they noticed each other on Flickr. (See Rick here! See Hilary here!)

After several months of favoriting and commenting on each other's work, adding each other as friends on various social media sites, emailing each other, and long telephone conversations...well, they had their first real live date in Los Angeles. That was 7/11/08.

Rick & Hilary

The date lasted a weekend and it was pretty obvious that something special was happening. There were trips back and forth between NYC and LA for visits until Hilary decided to up and move across the country. That was 11/15/08.

There has been quiet talk of elopement for a while, but we've now set the date and have a whole road trip all planned out for the occasion! Although we'll be alone on our wedding road trip, we would love to share our 9 days on the road (7/11-7/20/09) with all of you! It will look something like this:

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Yay! :) :)


  1. you two are so rad! it makes my heart swell seeing two awesome people find each other! can't wait to follow your LOVE trip across the country!