Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ordinarily I'd be a few hours into my trip at this hour (10am), but yesterday I brought the Fiesta to the dealership for scheduled maintenance and they thought it best to put on some new tires.

Great that they want us to have a safe trip with no incidents! And great that they (fingers crossed) can get those tires to arrive this morning (fingers crossed)! But too bad on the timing...

If all goes as planned, we should still be on the road by early afternoon. We may or may not get as far as Albuquerque - originally we had planned on getting farther than that on Day 1.

The car is just about packed. I cooked up all the veggies left in the fridge. All our batteries are charged. Ann-Marie has offered to water our plants while we're away - Rick has been taking such good care of them and we were very sad at the thought of just leaving them to fend for themselves. :)

Now we wait for the call from the dealership saying they're ready for our arrival!

Let's go! Let's go!

Rick & I are getting married!

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